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With their nine inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl

I am not your senorita....


I am going as Tonks. That makes me as cool as....someone's Grandma. oh yes!

I've been such an unhappy fuckwit these past few days. I've been getting stressed and annoyed and completely unnecassarily worked up over things that should take an absolute lesser priority to my friends and the other people in my life. I'm picking fights with people who are just trying to help out or make things easier simply because it's easier to take it out on them than to actually sit down and think, for once. I know why, and I think I know what to do to stop being such a waste of space (and no, don't worry, that sounded horribly awfully emo but I didn't mean anything like that). I'm stupid, and I know it, and I get so ridiculous sometimes.

So, I'm planning on having an awesome night/day tomorrow, and beyond that...well, people are like planets; you need a thick skin.

I shall have to become a duck. Nod.

Also, yesterday I saw The Constant Gardener, which is a completely amazing film. I wish I could write in more detail but sadly I must scoot, but it was just simply brilliant, intense and enthralling. I don't think anyone could be dissapointed or unaffected by this film.

And now I'm off to put some pants on, or rather, make that put on a skirt, because THE SUN JUST CAME OUT! Warm and fuzzy, y'all, warm and fuzzy.


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So lovely....and fucking enormous, woah! :P

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