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We all found out, there's not enough hours in a life...

Allo chickens!

Long time no speak....Read....Thing! Firstly, I is not dead, nor did I leave the country, or do any somesuch fiddle. Nope, I have just been really busy :) it's kinda...completely out of character for me! I'm quite stunned. And happy, everything feels very mobile at the moment, and all in mostly good ways. Christmas is also coming up so quickly, but at the same time, not quickly enough...I am loving this warm weather though :D

I've also gone and done that naughty bad thing of not updating for so long, that now I finally am...I can't remember what I wanted to say. There's too much. And I've been very behind on the commenting, so if you get one from me from like 6 posts ago, it's not LJ stuffing you around, it's just me, sucking :P

Luckily for me, the most significant things I've done recently are work and go see Goblet of Fire a few times. It was lovely. Oh, and that reminds me, estroverso, in February there's going to be a screening of GoF at the Moonlight Cinema!!!!! I can't remember if you mentioned this already (and I can't remember that actual date either, dum dee dum). How amazing it would be to see it. I'll definitely be booking for that one :D Who else is in?

I'm thinking I'll put some songs up tonight, while the computer is mine. Music is my best friend right, and I think that once I get enough money together to afford an iPod and a decent CD player I might just elope with it to Wales.

And finally, fuck you Howard. Once again you prove you have no idea what is good for the people you are supposed to be governing.

Oh! I MADE BAILEYS! How could I forget that monumental thing?! My very bad, indeed! :D

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