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"I know you've supported me for a long time; somehow I'm not impressed"

Ok, well firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hope an awesome time was had by all :) Mine was a bit of everything - funny, hot, long, strange, sleazy, gay, straight, smoky and above all DANCEY! And for once I have pictures, so behold, I spam yous all!

....Or rather, I WILL, when I get the buggers to load. Ho hum.

Christmas was lovely too, as they usually are...and THAT'S how long it's been since I last updated, meep. I really need to stop being so flighty. As such, I'm not yet anywhere near up to date with other people's journals, but I'll get there soon. Feel free to comment and yell at me if anything huge happened and I completely missed it :P And speaking of Christmas, I now have photoshop! *snuggles dizzy_jezz*... do I give that back? :P

So then....I just finished watching the first episode of the new Carnivale. My GOD I love that show *is gobsmacked and stunned and thrilled and set to have the hell confused out of me by the good people at HBO once again* Oh yes....Management, and The Usher, and finally some answers! I actually bought the entire first season just now, which was amazing to watch again. Set me right about a few things too, things I'd missed before. Clea Duvall as Sofie rocks my socks, as does Ben Hawkins and....actually, every character in that show is just brilliant, from Samson to Libby to Appollonia. and Lila and Lodz, how good it is to be intrigued and appalled and disgusted by those two. But anyway ...*finally shuts up*

I also just had four wisdom teeth painfully taken out, so ma and I had a Carnivale/North and South marathon to pass the time (and while my face deflated) AND! I won $10 in a bet with mum so...quite a productive weekend.

It has also finally sunk in that I need to start taking a bigger interest in Universtity, and courses, and the fact that I will most likely be living in close contact with the two this year. This freaks me out. And is finally starting to get me excited.....But mostly freak me out. Ahem.

This weather is BEAUITFUL! *basks and stuff* Haircut tomorrow, now that I look less like I'm storing potatoes in my cheeks (and only slightly yellowy-blue instead).

And....that's all there is. There isn't any more. :)
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