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C'mawn GET FUN-KAY! (prattling ahead, alas...:P)

Hello Chickens!

What, LJ- slack, why no I swear I'm NOT! *hides face in shameful shame*

OK, I'll say it, it's been far too long since I posted. I've been a baaaaaaaad boy, sorta thing. Right now I'm propping my head up against my left shoulder and typing with my brain on a slant, such is the result of too little sleep and too much, strangely enough, energy. Not just any energy, this is BASTARD energy, the kind that pops up behind you just this side of midnight and tattoos "My Aunt's Hairy Bollocks You're Getting a Good Sleep Tonight, Dork" onto your person. Rotten apples, fer SURE! However, despite this and seeing as how I actually ended up checking LJ today, I thought tiredness be darned, I'm posting. POSTING!

Well, first thing's first, I have been a busy fellow named Roger these past few daysweeksdaysweeks?no,days what with Uni, realising I wasn't enrolled properly in Uni, properly enrolling in Uni, exchanging the ability to think in coherent sentences for a Uni timetable, and generally realising that there comes a point in which I must take my head out of my laundry basket and place it firmly in control of my life. Or, y'know, find myself forgetting to accept and subsequently almost forfeiting University courses. Yeah, I am that scatterbrainedly stupid. Alls I can say is thank God the SATAC site let me accept about 8 days late *prays there's no catch to this that I missed and which is going to shit in my slippers later on*. On the upside, the abject terror and self-loathing, combined with the seven kinds of bollocks I mentally kicked out of myself for missing the cut off date, finally galvanised me into some kind of motivation regards studying this year. I'm actually really looking forward to starting at the end of this month. Really really! Which is awesome *beams*

I also finally have enough hours to scrounge together the moo-lar (question: how in the world DO you spell that word?!) to afford a new computer before Uni starts. Oh yes oh yes oh yes OH YES! It's brilliant like the Ginger twat himself would say :D

S'all...relatively uninteresting to anyone other than me though *blush* so, moving on...

.....BIG DAY OUT! yes. Oooooh, yes *grins like happiness itself* ...... I'm too dopey tonight to describe the fun I had in any fit way, so I'll simply say I had an awesomely good time, was amazed, impressed, exhilerated and completely blown away by some pretty incredible acts, met some excellent fun people (haha, yes I do mean YOU :D), actually got to sit on someone's shoulders during a set (The White Stripes no less...) ate Hare Krishna nuggets, saw Tex Perkins frantically hump a drumset, finally went into the Boiler Room (which was sufficiently loud and awesome, though disappointedly I wasn't boiled once inside) and above all.....FRANZ FERDINAND! *thud* :D Soh. Mooch. FUN! Some may hate em, but by my heel, I care not, cos Lord....I do love that band.

Rather a good day, all in all :D

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