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White temptress of the sea, you treat me right

Ahahaha. It's been a while. I think I have something to confess....I get distracted. A lot. In a BIG way. But I came back! *crickets chirp*

Lord, it really has been mega-yonks since I did much on here. And as a result, I cannot condense the last...Month? I think it's been a month, and that's too large a time to squish into a post. Uni has been chugging along in a...somewhat linear fashion. I like it. I find that I need to keep busy and occupied to avoid going mad and awful, and studying is good in that way. I'm determined to keep things happy, to balance things, to earn enough money to head on out where the ducks are during winter as well as learn about Pip and the Mesopotamian Stories of Creation. Uh. Not that they're connected. Well, yet, I'm sure they could be (thankyou, post-modernism! aha)

I'm doing something now that I was threatening to do before the real world came and snatched me away. MUSIC POST!

Mystical Machine Gun - Kula Shaker

Can't Get Enough - Suede

Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads

Switching Off - Elbow

She Speaks A Different Language - Tex Perkins

Soo....How have YOU all been? :D

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