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CHEESE IT!..... So essentially we're all perverts. To some extent.

It is so bone-chillingly cold here right now. My ankles are snapping as I move them. seems you have finally completely lost the plot. It's brilliant.

In otherly news, The Turn of The Screw is a MAD book. I like it. It's turning my brain slightly sideways, and that's lovely and so exciting. I can't help but wonder if the intense subtext and ways of interpreting James' idea of 'evil' are what he intended to write or have come from the minds of contemporary readers. Y'know, like could a book written in the 1880's really imply all these mad saucy unsettling things, or are these Like, we're now seeing the possibilities the book's 'bad' could encompass. And is that the point maybe. In 50 years time, 150 years time, people will read this and still find it desperately frightening and terrifying in all the most tender and almost dirty places...

Aha, and at this point my brain crackles faintly and I brittle my way to bed. Through the ice sheets. What the hell, Nairne?! WHY SO ARCTIC! You're confusing me *builds a fire in her room out of broken chairs and spare pets*
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