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The pay's not great but the work's hard...

*cracks knuckles and accidently snaps fingers off*

1. I really need a heater in my room. The urge to tip my boiling tea all over the front of my body attests to this. When you see me next, hug me tender as I may just have tried to scald myself back to a normal body temperature. Ach, my hands! Quick, friend, let me use your steaming cow's rear....!!!

2. Opening Easter eggs on Good Friday instead of Easter Sunday is only a tradition if its happened more than once and for, y'know, an actual reason, not just cos you want choclit. Apparently...

3. I can't leave my room. No sirree. If I do, I'll have to clean up the mad bad mess I've made in the front room. See, I had floorboards put in recently, and as such had to move my entire bedroom's worth of living things into the lounge-room. And I uh. Haven't got around to putting it all back yet. *shifty shifty* haha. BUT LOOKIT, S'NOT MY FAULT I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF! I'm terrible at having clean-outs and throw-outs and all of that caffuffle. I have boxes and boxes of utter boring crap, and I just end up keeping everything, I can't throw it out. I mean it might mean something to me! Granted, it looks like a manky old necklace and a kidney bean....Really, someone should do me a favour and just send it all careening over a rainbow, and into oblivion, and OFF the floor! Any takers?

4. Hahaha. Friday nights in the Household Del MEEE = "Why can't I use that lemon in my tea?! what do you mean, if I glad-wrap it, it WILL SO stay fresh! And anyway it's a lemon for Pete's sake, not a precious commodity! Not gold or pot or the tears of Buddha! When I leave home and live out of a garbage truck in the war-torn streets of down-town Nairne*, then you'll wish you'd been nicer! I WISH I'd never been BORN!"... I now know why I go out on Fridays. Bunch o'crazies....

5. Here's to self -absorption! I certainly hope someone slips tacks into your slippers and ignores your innards. Just sayin'.

*Our suburb. Like Narnia, only crap. *nod*

So how're you all tonight? :D *shares her banket*

EDIT: MSN is a fickle God. :(
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