Public Pervert (schmai) wrote,
Public Pervert

2,000 words of wank, here I comeses!

Mrs Schmai said she would buy the flowers herself.
As she really didn't want to write this paper...

Sigh. Essays are pants. It's really true.

I've brushed my teeth. I've drunk a lot of tea. I've cleaned my room, thought I might take up painting for a bit. Started writing a letter. I've even begun the next novel for the course. My essay is still puny. Fibble, damn and sod.


Right! That's all my socks paired. Back to Mrs Dalloway...

I should prolly stop making things up too. She wasn't an astronaut?! Aw. It'd be impressive if she was though! Astronaut, modernist. Same principles really. I'll leave that in.

How've you all been? :D
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