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Bit of a completely pointless post

Je suis en retard *snickers*

1. Studying for French tests is hard. Finding distractions is NOT!

2. I realised today it is not actually winter here yet. Why then are my extremities mauve and wibbly with cold? o_O

3. Rufus Wainwright came into my french lab today. I was pretty awed.

4. Speaking of French Labs, they bring new meaning to the expression "nrrgh!". The woman who takes it though is sweet as apples, she speaks French in snippets of interesting English, and smiles so much! A woman like that has mystery, she must have been involved in some kind of underground French rock revolution, in her wild and skinny youth. You can tell, it's the leather pants and the scrunchies.

5. I think it's time to upload some music, I do!

So tell me, tell me, tell me, how's life been for you?
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je voudrait un kilo de petit pois s'il vous plait!
I COULD look that up....*twiddles thumbs*

You'd like a kilo of little *something* please? Haha *le suck*

I would like a kilo of peas please!

(It was my favourite french sentence :P)
Haha! We had a similar overused phrase in highschool: 'Oui, j'ai mange les pois!' Fun to randomly say.
Aaaw Jezz, haha, I can just imagine you, Kahlia, Jan Louise and Tiffani sitting about mumbling about French peas

*rides a wave of nostalgia out of the uni library*
Oh PEAS! That's fantastic, I've now only to find a way I can make that sentence relevant in a French tute....!

You took French as well as Italian? Or was this at another school?
I left French early today and that woman was so disappointed. A couple of people walked out like 20 minutes beforehand, so when I got up she was like *looks up sadly* lol. So I was like "Oh, I have an appointment, I'm so sorry..." and she was like *smiles weakly* "Eeet's or-kay...". Maybe because everyone is constantly leaving early and nobody cares about her lesson. Ah well.
She beamed at me today!!!!! And last lesson handed my sheet back with a "Trés bon!". I was chuffed.

*pecks you*
1. You are SO right, master.

2. Isn't it always winter in Nairne?

3. I missed Rufus? How is that possible!

4. I adore her, however it's so obvious that she spent time in the French Resistance during WWII before enjoying a decade long affair with Gerard Depardieu, before collapsing in a heap at Adelaide Uni to teach lab sessions where she has secretly been recruiting squirrels and hacky-sacks to her cause.

5. Neurghhhhhhhh.

Hello! See you in MSN!
YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! She lost her child unfortunately, and had to bury it in a shallow grave she dug herself, in a field in the south of France. That was the breaking point. She risked her life to fight for what she believes in; now she helps us murder the French language! oooo *uses that as the tagline for her new film "Blood on The Beret: A French Tutor's Story"

And Rufus, he popped in for a tic to print something off, then sauntered across the universe and out the door. He was in a hat....He was sublime. It's not Anthro Rufus though, this guy is older, though stil possibly in first year.

If I fail that lab test, you know now why *le swoon*