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I last updated this journal 46 weeks ago, apparently!


Ok. Okkkkk. My bad, indeed! I pledge however to henceforth not be an arse and to update this journal at LEAST every 12 weeks. Or something. Truth is, I've had a...well, 46 weeks is damn long, so I don't really know how to write what I've had or been up to. So bugger it! I've been away from this LJ so long that, to be honest, I can't remember really what the deal is, but here goes, let's start with an ickle question

Should Iiiiiiiii...MAKE A MYSPACE! Haha. Aaaah. But seriously...?

On a less capitalised note, Uni enrolments are coming up soon and, as I discovered last year after enrolling in arts for the hell of it, dropping out of half my subjects within the fortnight and then figuring "why the smeg not!" and failing the rest, I really need to do some soul searching and decide on a degree there is a chance I will be tempted to complete. I'm coming up with lots of blanks right now, with a few multicolour squares and circles tossed in for laughs, but the month is young *laughs nervously and gags*. And there is always the option of just nicking off overseas for a bit....

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Well. Hello! That was certainly a big distraction, it seems. I guess this must happen constantly though, people wander off and pay attention to other and not necessarily bigger things and don't update for a tomato's age. And then come crawling back, well not crawling, more like sidling seductively up to said journal, glass of red in hand, Nutella slathered spoon in mouth and unnatractive gleam in eye as they start bothering people via the internet again. So..

*grins toothily* HI!!!!!!!! How've you been????
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1. Tea is my new boyfriend. It'll be a beautiful thing for the next 30 minutes or so. Mmm.

2. I've switched to a sponsored account for the 15 userpics. Is this going to drive me mad? *warily eyes advertisement in the corner* It'll be worth it for the voice posts...

3. If I do not find my USB cable I am going to CHEW MY OWN FOOT OFF THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! Actually, speaking of which, my throat is swollen as a swolled thing, it's unhappy :(

Ugh. Now! Study Waiting For Godot? Or find icons....I think bed is probably the best option, seeing as how I nearly missed my bus this morning (due to naughty up-latery last night) and had to hurtle down the street in near jim jams so as not to miss my French tute test bastard thing :D

Either way, lend an ear to this mayhaps? Elbow - Bitten By The Tailfly A very funky song, from a fantastic group. Sweet Dreams! :D
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Bit of a completely pointless post

Je suis en retard *snickers*

1. Studying for French tests is hard. Finding distractions is NOT!

2. I realised today it is not actually winter here yet. Why then are my extremities mauve and wibbly with cold? o_O

3. Rufus Wainwright came into my french lab today. I was pretty awed.

4. Speaking of French Labs, they bring new meaning to the expression "nrrgh!". The woman who takes it though is sweet as apples, she speaks French in snippets of interesting English, and smiles so much! A woman like that has mystery, she must have been involved in some kind of underground French rock revolution, in her wild and skinny youth. You can tell, it's the leather pants and the scrunchies.

5. I think it's time to upload some music, I do!

So tell me, tell me, tell me, how's life been for you?
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2,000 words of wank, here I comeses!

Mrs Schmai said she would buy the flowers herself.
As she really didn't want to write this paper...

Sigh. Essays are pants. It's really true.

I've brushed my teeth. I've drunk a lot of tea. I've cleaned my room, thought I might take up painting for a bit. Started writing a letter. I've even begun the next novel for the course. My essay is still puny. Fibble, damn and sod.


Right! That's all my socks paired. Back to Mrs Dalloway...

I should prolly stop making things up too. She wasn't an astronaut?! Aw. It'd be impressive if she was though! Astronaut, modernist. Same principles really. I'll leave that in.

How've you all been? :D
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HEY GUESS WHAT?! I love you too. loads.

Hotmail was being a jerk and wouldn't let me email songs, so I figured if I'm uploading songs to yousendit I might as well post 'em. Hope you like these Luke, and thanks a bundle for y'know. All of that *curls into your side*

The Silverman - Track 9
The Silverman - Track 1
The Silverman - Track 7
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
Tori Amos - Sleeps With Butterflies
Damien Rice - Volcano
Damien Rice - Woman Like a Man (Live Unplugged)

So I'm sat here freezing important parts off and wrapped in a jumper that looks like technicolour woolen vomit. How's your Easter been? :D
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The pay's not great but the work's hard...

*cracks knuckles and accidently snaps fingers off*

1. I really need a heater in my room. The urge to tip my boiling tea all over the front of my body attests to this. When you see me next, hug me tender as I may just have tried to scald myself back to a normal body temperature. Ach, my hands! Quick, friend, let me use your steaming cow's rear....!!!

2. Opening Easter eggs on Good Friday instead of Easter Sunday is only a tradition if its happened more than once and for, y'know, an actual reason, not just cos you want choclit. Apparently...

3. I can't leave my room. No sirree. If I do, I'll have to clean up the mad bad mess I've made in the front room. See, I had floorboards put in recently, and as such had to move my entire bedroom's worth of living things into the lounge-room. And I uh. Haven't got around to putting it all back yet. *shifty shifty* haha. BUT LOOKIT, S'NOT MY FAULT I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF! I'm terrible at having clean-outs and throw-outs and all of that caffuffle. I have boxes and boxes of utter boring crap, and I just end up keeping everything, I can't throw it out. I mean it might mean something to me! Granted, it looks like a manky old necklace and a kidney bean....Really, someone should do me a favour and just send it all careening over a rainbow, and into oblivion, and OFF the floor! Any takers?

4. Hahaha. Friday nights in the Household Del MEEE = "Why can't I use that lemon in my tea?! what do you mean, if I glad-wrap it, it WILL SO stay fresh! And anyway it's a lemon for Pete's sake, not a precious commodity! Not gold or pot or the tears of Buddha! When I leave home and live out of a garbage truck in the war-torn streets of down-town Nairne*, then you'll wish you'd been nicer! I WISH I'd never been BORN!"... I now know why I go out on Fridays. Bunch o'crazies....

5. Here's to self -absorption! I certainly hope someone slips tacks into your slippers and ignores your innards. Just sayin'.

*Our suburb. Like Narnia, only crap. *nod*

So how're you all tonight? :D *shares her banket*

EDIT: MSN is a fickle God. :(
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love is actually a lot of cuss words

Ya can't survive off the mushrooms in yer hair!

*screams from the top of a mountain in a swedish accent*


Now THAT makes me happy in the pants! It was getting tough, 4 days with no connection to the cyber world at all. You can watch TV but it just doesn't watch you back, and SMSing is expensive and...small. Y'know. Everything ELSE requires dollars, of which I have nil.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So other than that....I want GOF on DVD. The official actual real one, that is, not the sneaky pirate copy Claire brought back from Vietnam. Ahoy, yes yes, now please!

Here's to sleeping in and waking up smelling like mints! And also Borders now have this in stock.....!!!!!

Woah. Jezz this is fer you....I found it while seraching up JT.....CALVAIRE! It's French fer WHAT THE FASHIZZ MICKEY?!
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CHEESE IT!..... So essentially we're all perverts. To some extent.

It is so bone-chillingly cold here right now. My ankles are snapping as I move them. Weather...it seems you have finally completely lost the plot. It's brilliant.

In otherly news, The Turn of The Screw is a MAD book. I like it. It's turning my brain slightly sideways, and that's lovely and so exciting. I can't help but wonder if the intense subtext and ways of interpreting James' idea of 'evil' are what he intended to write or have come from the minds of contemporary readers. Y'know, like could a book written in the 1880's really imply all these mad saucy unsettling things, or are these relatively....new. Like, we're now seeing the possibilities the book's 'bad' could encompass. And is that the point maybe. In 50 years time, 150 years time, people will read this and still find it desperately frightening and terrifying in all the most tender and almost dirty places...

Aha, and at this point my brain crackles faintly and I brittle my way to bed. Through the ice sheets. What the hell, Nairne?! WHY SO ARCTIC! You're confusing me *builds a fire in her room out of broken chairs and spare pets*
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White temptress of the sea, you treat me right

Ahahaha. It's been a while. I think I have something to confess....I get distracted. A lot. In a BIG way. But I came back! *crickets chirp*

Lord, it really has been mega-yonks since I did much on here. And as a result, I cannot condense the last...Month? I think it's been a month, and that's too large a time to squish into a post. Uni has been chugging along in a...somewhat linear fashion. I like it. I find that I need to keep busy and occupied to avoid going mad and awful, and studying is good in that way. I'm determined to keep things happy, to balance things, to earn enough money to head on out where the ducks are during winter as well as learn about Pip and the Mesopotamian Stories of Creation. Uh. Not that they're connected. Well, yet, I'm sure they could be (thankyou, post-modernism! aha)

I'm doing something now that I was threatening to do before the real world came and snatched me away. MUSIC POST!

Mystical Machine Gun - Kula Shaker

Can't Get Enough - Suede

Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads

Switching Off - Elbow

She Speaks A Different Language - Tex Perkins

Soo....How have YOU all been? :D

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