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S'alright Li'l bro, just getting some jui..... *THUD*

Gah. Last night I got up to get a drink, tripped over my cat and hit my head 3 times on the cupboard under our sink (where Harry Potter's even less popular cousin lives). I mean I hit it once and then it sort of bounced twice. My head. Eek. I didn't think it made me that dizzy until I tried to walk back to bed and fell over again, and hurt my leg on the swanking new floorboards.

It all would've been hilarious if I didn't have a head made of bricks which made an incredibly loud resounding THUMP and woke everyone up. I think my brother though I was having a fit. Speaking of family, I think my extended relations collectively think I'm a knob. Ah *sigh*.

In other news, My work confuses me, these days, aye it does. I mean, 3 hour shifts are annoying and ridiculous. They're truly not worth the bus fare, assuming I even make the bus, and the driver doesn't decide to reenact the Cross Lotto ad and sing Queen while plowing through all the people waiting at the stop.

What's more, I really wanna go to the beach now. Like right now. Who's in?

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