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Bit of a completely pointless post

Je suis en retard *snickers*

1. Studying for French tests is hard. Finding distractions is NOT!

2. I realised today it is not actually winter here yet. Why then are my extremities mauve and wibbly with cold? o_O

3. Rufus Wainwright came into my french lab today. I was pretty awed.

4. Speaking of French Labs, they bring new meaning to the expression "nrrgh!". The woman who takes it though is sweet as apples, she speaks French in snippets of interesting English, and smiles so much! A woman like that has mystery, she must have been involved in some kind of underground French rock revolution, in her wild and skinny youth. You can tell, it's the leather pants and the scrunchies.

5. I think it's time to upload some music, I do!

So tell me, tell me, tell me, how's life been for you?
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