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Apple Green Ice Cream

Here. In My Head.

Public Pervert
6 May 1987
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Schmai is small, unique (but not necessarily interesting); by nature, she wants to talk to you all, Bored, Boring, Tall, Long, Foreign, Near, Far, Sideways and Lonely alike.

She cannot write bios to save her life, but then again, when is she likely to have to? There are far more important skills to be lacking in, like staying upright, convincing tutors you *are* enrolled in their uni course and keeping dry eyes on public transport.

Sp, Peace, Love and a Hard Cock! Tori is Queen Bee; I buzz in unison. Ms Atwood writes miracles and Trent *does* come closer. Furthermore, Thom is also quite small and, like JT, charms horror into cracked sweets (although I will say is less conveniently ambiguous about such things as say...identity).

Teeth are for the weak, EAT HONEY (happiness by the sugar-spoonful) and until something better comes along, do please feel free to come along yourself and leave your writing on these walls.

9 out of 10 Jezz say : Schmai adores pretty boys (and girls), that delicious amber syrup, being distracted, and curling up to sleep in warm, cushiony places. In between protesting against French essays and occasionally removing her headphones to order a coffee, she’s wandering curiously around town in her boots and bobby pins. So, welcome to: random, infrequent tales from Narnia on this here El-Jay.
a perfect circle, air, alanis morisette, alvin and the chipmunks, amanda palmer, amélie, andy prieboy, angels in america, anne rice, beck, bernard black, bill bailey, bjork, black books, black tea with honey, blackadder, blur, bob geldof, books, brian eno, bright eyes, broken social scene, cate blanchett, cillian murphy, cinema, coffee, crowded house, damien rice, daria, dark chocolate, david bowie, depeche mode, don partridge, donovan, douglas adams, doves, drawing, duncan sheik, dylan moran, eels, elbow, falsifying statistics, father ted, films, franz ferdinand, garbage, gomez, harry potter, honey, hot chocolate, interpol, italian, jeff buckley, jewel, johnny depp, joseph arthur, joseph gordon levitt, jt leroy, kate winslet, keane, lee williams, leonard cohen, live music, lou reed, mangoes, manny bianco, marc bolan, margaret atwood, martha wainwright, michael palin, modest mouse, monty python, muse, neville longbottom, nick cave, nin, nirvana, peter pan, pink floyd, pj harvey, placebo, polyphonic spree, queer as folk, radiohead, rain, reading, red pants, rem, rufus wainwright, rupert grint, ryan adams, sarah mclachlan, scissor sisters, sigur ros, slade, snow patrol, spooks, spoon, t-rex, tamsin greig, tea, tegan and sara, terry pratchett, the cure, the dandy warhols, the doors, the dresden dolls, the music, the pixies, the princess bride, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the white stripes, the who, the young ones, tim burton, tool, tori amos, trent reznor, weezer, wilco, writing, zoe wanamaker, zucchini